G.A.N.G. Scholars Program Application

Please prepare a well-formatted PDF file with the information below and essay question responses.  

Please set the filename to LastNameFirstName_GANGScholarsApp.pdf and send your application as an attachment to scholars [at] audiogang [dot] org.  Specify "GANG Scholars Application" as the subject line.

Your application should include:


Full Name

G.A.N.G. username or email.

Contact Email




Grade Point Average (eg 3.5/4.0) if it is used by your institution.

Minors (if applicable)

Expected Graduation Date

Academic Sponsor Name, Title, Contact (usually a professor)

You should ask your Academic Sponsor  to send a letter of recommendation on your behalf to complete the application

Link to 2-minute music sample example, sound design sample or project

The link can be soundcloud, youtube, reelcrafter, etc.  Please link to only one specific demo (not to a web page with multiple samples) and limit the length to 120 seconds. 

Honors and Achievements (optional)



Essay Questions:  Please limit each essay to 250 words or less.

1) What are your career objectives and how will attending the event help you to achieve them?

2) Describe a game or other project (personal or academic) in which you’ve participated and explain what you learned.

3) Describe how you have helped, mentored or assisted in someone else’s development: Why is it important to have composers & sound designers help other composers and sound designers, even in an industry of intense competition such as game audio? 

4) (optional) Please let us know anything else you believe we should know about you when considering your application. 




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